Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"Hit The Road"

"Hit The Road" (quoted from my niece)....and is exactly how I spent my weekend!

I took off last week to Indianapolis to meet up with the wonderful people of LifeNets to update them on my last trip to Africa and learn more about how I could help them. It was such a great visit as the time passed too quickly. I am always eager to meet with this organization as they have such a passion to help others. I continued to be surrounded by that kind of passion as I attend the Indiana Grantmakers board meeting, where I continue to learn about the growing field of philanthropy by my fellow collegues. There was great conversation and of course delicious food.

While down in Indy, I spent some fabulous time with my brother, Scott. We had a great time traveling to Rhi's soccer game in Yorktown, and Spencer's soccer game in Bloomington. It was great to see Rhi and Spencer's games and I am eager to learn a little more about soccer so I can follow along better. Scott was great at answering all my questions, because I had quite a few. On the way down to Bloomington we were able to stop by one of Scott's hunting spots to set up a camera, and he is even going to take me deer hunting sometime, which I am very excited about. It was just wonderful not only catching up on everything, but learning more about my brother and his passions.

I returned home on Saturday in enough time to turn around and head to Chicago with Jess and Jessica. Ha, just realized that I was the odd one. Anyway, we thought it would be fun to spend a day in Chicago, shopping, eating, and just enjoying this fabulous city! Jessica does a great job recapping the trip, so you must check out her post (link to the right). We kept our tradition of eating at the same restaurant for lunch, getting coffee at starbucks, and shopping for some christmas presents and for some fun stuff for ourselves. But we mixed it up a little by trying out this frozen yogurt place that was recommended by a sales person in one of the stores. We were excited as it was a warm day, and perfect for something cool. Well, sad to say, that was a mistake...but it makes for a funny story and we definitely know where we won't be getting dessert our next trip to Chicago. I just love this time with these girls and look forward the future opportunities to learn more about these ladies!

Finally, it was time to rest. I spent Labor Day with the Frye's just relaxing and spending time out on the boat. It was great to do nothing and rest up for another exciting week.

I am just so thankful to God for such opportunities to strengthen relationships!


Joy ☺ said...

i love the hat you tried on in that one picture.
You made Chicago look like italy, with the water and boat and all, no that the boat looked like a gondola but work with me here. Sounds fun!!

Jess said...

That was a recap sis and an even better time spent with great friends!!!! Jessica does have a good summary of Chicago and I would post too..but three times might be a bit much for people to read :) Love you tons!

Alicia said...
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Jessica B said...

You may have had a different name but I am sure Jessica felt kinda weird too not looking like the other two of you! Plus, it would be weird if both you and Jess were named Jess. I am glad you are Jenn :) Cool pictures, by the way! I like the big shiny jellybean thing :)

becky! said...

Hope you got lots of shopping done!
Even if you didn't, it was OBVIOUSLY worth the trip!
I'm glad you got to enjoy some of the artistic side of Chicago. I never take the time. I am going in two weeks...you are motivating me!