Friday, December 28, 2007

Open Eyes

Most of the people who know me would categorize me as a pretty optimistic person, but I do understand reality. I may not understand all that is going on in the world around me, but I try. I was saddened by the assassination of Bhutto. It is the reminder of the violence people face every day. It is an example of the hate and fear that exists between people. Her life is one of the many that have been taken violently. And yet, the question posed by reporters on the story is, how are "we" affected by this?

How about the simple fact that violence is terrorizing the world? How about the simple fact that fear is a part of many people's lives on a daily basis? How about the simple fact that others are suffering, dying?

I can't help but be affected by this and refuse to close my eyes to any of it. So I continue learning about all that is going on and continue to ask, what can I do?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Gift of You

As wonderful as the gifts were and as delicious as the food was, I can honestly say that those won't be my Christmas memories. You know that old is better than receiving? I can't help but wonder what it would be like if people took that phrase past the simple idea of the giving of oneself. Because it was during those moments that the spirit of Christmas was seen and enjoyed! See for yourself...

What is your gift to others?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Just a Little Longer

There was a moment last night where I was sitting on the couch talking with Jackie who was sharing some funny stories of her children, watching Carrie who was being surrounded by the kids as they threw their toys all around her, and hearing Jess who was running around the house while being a great hostess at the same time. I sat there surrounded by all of this and thought to myself...just a little longer.

I knew it was almost time for them to leave, but I just wanted to continue to enjoy my time with these ladies and their adorable families...just a little longer.

We met in college and our friendship continues to grow. I love catching up with these friends, and of course tasting their delicious food as they all definitely know how to cook and bake!!! How lucky am I? I love how the love and appreciation we have for each other allows our friendship to flourish...just a little longer...and longer...and longer...

I hope that the time you have is spent in such moments!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Seek Him Fervently...

A couple of days ago I took the chance of being honest with some close friends of mine about a restlessness that I have been feeling. Being able to share this with them has been more helpful than expected. I was honest with myself. I was honest with them. And most of all I was finally honest with God about the fears that hold me back from truly listening to Him.

Seek Him fervently was something that was shared with me. It is a message that I have been thinking about lately. How easy those fears crept in and grabbed a hold of me. How easy doubt set in. Why? Because I stopped seeking God in all parts of my every moment. I tried to compartmentalize Him, seeking Him only in certain parts of my life, calling on Him only when I face big decisions or when I finally realize I can't do it alone.

It is time to seek God fervently in all of life's steps. It is time to passionately seek Him and listen to Him. It is time for Him to exist in all areas of life leaving no room for fear and doubt...

and where He leads...I will follow

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dear Gillbillys:

December 11, 2007

Dear Gillbillys:

I write to you out of respect from one coach to another. I have received valuable information that affects your team. And to be fair, I must share this privileged information with you. I thought long and hard whether or not to tell you this as we are competitors this week in the playoffs. But I know you would show the same respect if you were in my position.

There have been reports that your quarterback, Tom Brady, is tired of carrying your team. I am sorry to say that he believes that he is your team and it is due to him that you have made it to the top of the league. To show his importance, he has discussed the option of not performing up to his full potentional this week...causing your team to lose. He believes this will allow all to see how important he is to the team. As a coach myself, I find that mindset highly disturbing and would fully support and respect your decision to bench him in this upcoming matchup.

I wish you luck this week!


Monday, December 10, 2007

"Let the Giving Begin"...

I recently saw an ad from Target with the slogan "Let the Giving Begin" and couldn't help but think about how true that message is!

Let the gift of love be given to those who have hate and anger in their hearts...

Let the gift of friendship be given to those who feel alone and separated...

Let the gift of compassion be given to those who are just trying to survive...

Let the gift of hope be given to those facing dispair or life's challenges...

Let the gift of encouragement and support be given to those who need a helping hand...

Let the gift of God be given and shared with all...

"Let the Giving Begin"...and let the giving CONTINUE...

1 Thessalonians 3:12
May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blessed By Another Year...

with my wonderful sister!

She is turning 28 this week, though she looks 17 most of the time ;).

Being her twin has been wonderful as it is such a compliment when I am mistaken as her. Though she has grown into an incredible woman, a loving mother, and a loyal friend...I look at her and still see my little sis ;).

I see my little sis who would always get me into trouble with her creative the time we got our garlic bread stuck to the ceiling during a dinner party, or the time she taught me how to draw on the back of the seats in the car.

I see my little sis who always makes me the time she answered the phone with my name, forgetting who she was for a brief second, or the time she stopped not once, but twice on a major highway that we have traveled on many times because she confused the signal poles that have the flashing red lights as railroad crossing warnings. Did I mention that there have never been any railroad tracks on this highway?

I see my little sis who always looks for the best in people, who never gives up on me, who is an example of a life focused on Christ. She lives a life of love always looking at how she can reach out to others... like the many times she gives anonymously, the times she listens to me and encourages me, the times she gives of herself to help better a life, to show God's love. I may be older by 60 whole seconds ;), but my little sis has taught me so much...

And I have been blessed with another year of her love!

Happy Birthday sis! It is such a pleasure to share my birthday with you and I am blessed to have known you for 28 years!