Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Does Anyone Have Clay?

Okay, so that would be a normal question asked in the exciting game of Settlers. But not exactly how it was asked last night as I played this game with Amos, Jess, CLAY, and Becky. Due to his name, it was best to ask for bricks instead. And that is exactly what we did, except for the few times we slipped up and Becky would quickly respond with, "I do", as she is Clay's wife. It was too cute...then I found $50 (usually what I have to add to my stories to make them interesting).

And there is my long intro to begin sharing about my faaabulous evening with this group of friends. It is actually quite fitting as well, since we all could talk about anything and everything, all feeding off the many tangents in our conversation.

We all live less than a mile from each other, and you would think we would get together often. Unfortunately, with busy schedules, that does not allow, but recently, God has really opened up our time to be refreshed with each other's company. And we jump at these opportunities.

Which brings me to last night!

We gathered at Clay and Becky's and talked while preparing (and snacking on) dinner. The children all playing together or watching Clay grill. Which I must say, is a definite skill of his. It was a feast! Grilled pork chops, grilled asparagus, vegetables, homemade rolls, and peanut butter pie. I am glad I walked there, because I am pretty sure I rolled home. We played settlers, we talked, we laughed, and just learned more about each other.

I thank God for this friendship which teaches, loves, encourages, and reminds us of the fun He blesses our lives with. Thank you Clay, Becky, Micah, and Evan for a great time. Thank you for being your wonderful selves! I am excited for all the opportunities we have to grow, to see God's hand in each other's lives, and I praise God for your friendship, that has already touched my heart!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do They See Jesus In Me...

Such a beautiful song by Joy Williams (check it out). And as I sit here at work, my eyes full of tears from words that touch my heart, I see Jesus...

I see Jesus in Jess!

Who would have thought that such a delicate woman would have such an impact on those around her. She has encouraged me when my nerves are rattled. She has cried with me as we talk about our journey of stepping into the unknown of what these next few years hold. And as I share with her the areas of life I need to work on, she lifts me up.

I have heard this humble woman share how much she desires to grow spiritually. I have heard her talk about how far she has to go. But I already see Jesus in her.

Every morning we share with each other what we thank God for. And I am thankful to know Jess. To truly know her, is to know love. She isn't perfect, but I know that God is using her and I know she is open to all He is calling her to.

I write this in thanks and praise to God for filling Jess with love and encouragement to share with us all. For she lifted me up this weekend and today (and you know I will blog about this beautiful lady again :)

Do you see Jesus?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stop Eating The...

Tomatoes...Green Peppers...

Okay, so Kevin, Cheryl, Chris, and Sarah didn't really say that, but I bet that was what they were thinking! I can't help it! You really can't beat fresh vegetables! You see yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with some good friends of mine. They supported me during my presentation at church, and spent time with me as we enjoyed a delicious lunch afterwards.

We then returned to Kevin and Cheryl's house so that I could watch the canning process of making homemade salsa!...and of course get a few fresh vegetables to take home with me. We all ended up participating in making the salsa, starting with preparing the tomatoes and cutting up the rest of the veggies, to tasting it after it was all mixed together! Did I mentioned eating tomatoes and green peppers throughout the process? It was all delicious! I had such a great time! And I can't wait until we get together again.

As I returned home I thought of the wonderful weekend I had. I spent time with Jess and Becky on Friday. Then on Saturday, I went to Amos' football game to cheer him on along with Matt and Alicia. And then had a great day with Kevin, Cheryl, Chris, and Sarah. I love the friends in my life, how different they are, and how they each add something special to my life! How blessed am I to be surrounded by such love. It is kind of like salsa, all these fabulous ingredients coming together, all different, and all adding something to the mix, creating something incredible.

So I thank each one of you for the contributions, investments, support, and love that I am so very blessed with through our friendship!

* Picture of Grace doesn't really have much to do with the post, but she is cute, it is festive, and doesn't she look like she just took a bite of salsa?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cared for...

What an amazing visit!!!

Yes, mom, I used the word "amazing" once again :). But it truly was. My parents came up to visit this weekend and it was such a blessing to see them. The timing couldn't have been more perfect as it was a weekend when I definitely needed their love and support. Friday, my co-workers and I had a grief counseling session that really made us breakdown. I had to be broken to be able to express all the emotions I had, and it was hard, but very refreshing. God was there in every moment. And He was present as my parents cared for me. They hugged me as I cried. They listened as I explained how much I missed my friend. They were there, 100% there, present, not thinking about anything else. They spent the weekend showing me love and I hope I they felt the love I have for them. It was just a wonderful visit and great to catch up with hear what God was doing in their lives and all the activities they have been involved in recently. I can't wait until we are reunited once again! So thank you mom and dad for all your love!!! Thank you for giving of yourselves!

May you all be blessed to have such love in your lives!

Are You In A Bears Club?

That is the question we received from the gentleman seating us for lunch! And can you see why?

It was our third annual Line of Scrimmage Fantasy Football Draft! I love spending time with these ladies, and on top of that add football and food, and it doesn't get much better than that! We had another successful draft and helped each other along the way. Thanks ladies for making the job of being commish so very easy and extremely fun! I look forward to another great season, and of course leading the standings!

In true commish style I end with... Go Bears!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Como Estas?!?

Okay, so really this has nothing to do with Mexico except for the fact that we ate at a mexican restaurant, but how fun to catch up with one another.

We met in college, and God has led us to different locations, but our friendship keeps us close.

We rejoice with each other in the ways God continues to bless our lives and we listen to each other as stories are shared. There is a much better word to describe our friendship, for we are far more than friends...

we are family!... and I love my sisters!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

In The Light...

The Light poured in.

Not just any light,

but a Light that led me to




I sat there for hours, only in the Light,

just taking in that moment.

My spirit renewed

My hope found

as the Light poured in.

Thank you God for making Your presence known in our lives!

Monday, August 04, 2008

What Do You Do?

Friday Night Thoughts...

I had the pleasure of watching Tyler and Grace for Jess and Amos on Friday night. About an hour before they came, I began to think...

What do you do with a boy?:

Tyler is such a bundle of joy. He looks up at me with those huge blue eyes, and I can't help but shower him with kisses until he reaches that deep hearty giggle of his. But I knew I couldn't do that all night long. I have to admit, I was a little worried on how I would entertain this package of energy, but together Tyler and I figured it out.

Feed him beef and a tortilla. This allowed him to walk and eat at the same time. Who doesn't like eating with their hands!?!

Play Peek-a-boo and blow kisses back and forth.

Give him a truck he can roll all over the house and bear that shakes as you pull the cord. This somehow occupies hours of his time.

And if you are me, follow him around the room with a camera hoping to get one picture that can capture how truly special and beautiful he his!

The next question is...

What do you do with a girl?:

Now that is easy to answer! Grace and I always have a great time together doing girl stuff! She spent the night with me Friday and we filled the time with many activities that wore both of us out!

Eat, eat, and eat...tacos, french fries, apples and chocolate, and popcorn!

Put on a princess dress and take a million pictures! I loved how beautiful she felt even though her hair was tangled and her dress inside out. But she felt an inner beauty and joy and it was wonderful! As she put it...she was "berry pretty".

Watch 101 Dalmations and Aristocats back and forth over and over again. I noticed the plot was similar, the characters were just different (dogs vs. cats). Interesting!...Okay, not really. But one tends to notice things when faced with a cycle of repitition.

Painting nails is a must!

But mostly, what I enjoy most, is loving these two as much as possible!

It is wonderful to see the love that surrounds them. They are surrounded by family, friends, and our church family. Together we work together to show them the love of God and just how special they are. Jess and Amos are their parents, but we are all family. And I love seeing us all come together and work together to care and love those in our lives. We are One.

I have been thinking a lot about the idea of "One" lately as I came across a scripture verse that reminded me of this concept. Check out my World Race blog to see what I have been learning about "One".