Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pressure...Do You Feel It?

Okay, so just yesterday, I get the second email from my amazing friend Carrie mentioning that she should start a blog...and we all agree (Jess, Jackie, and I).

So here it is! I know she reads this! and so it is time for a little blog pressure ;)!

I am going to be doing a series of blogs until she caves and sends us her new blog address!

The series of course is about Carrie and why she should start a blog. I ask that you dedicated readers and blog stalkers leave comments of encouragement for her.

Let me first, introduce you to Carrie

Carrie has been such a great friend throughout the 11 years we have known each other! We first met this fabulous person when registering for classes at Manchester College! Yes, college seems to create the strongest friendships. Who would have thought our lives would have changed with such a simple introduction?! It was a great welcome to Manchester and we were inseparable from then on! Doesn't she already sound like someone who should start a blog?

Stay tuned to learn more about our crazy adventures together...


Jess said...

Jenn that is awesome!!! Carrie you need to totally start a blog! First, I have Jenny's so where is your name :) I even promise to put yours above Jenny's when you get yours started...sorry Jenny! :) I miss out on all the fun stuff you could write about :) Love you tons!

Alicia said...

Yeah. Carrie, I'd love to read a blog about you and see what you're up to. So PLEASE start one!!! :)

jackie said...

Well, you know where I's time Carrie :)

jenn said...

well it worked everyone!!! thank you for helping me encourage this awesome friend of mine to keep us up to date with her life via a blog!!! love ya lots...m.e.