Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Busy Weeks and Snickerdoodles!

Do I even have time to write this? I have about 10 free minutes today so here I am. There is just something about busy weeks. They seem to come in groups. How does that work? I am currently trying to get my house ready or "up to code" for a good friend of mine to move in. At work, I am preparing for another grant cycle, in the middle of our Teens on Boards program, gearing up for the senior prom our youth pod is putting on, preparing to talk to three middle school girl power groups about community service, organizing a fatherhood summit, and working on our sustaining resource development plan. All that means late nights and meetings at the office. Did I mention that I have to plan the fun staff meeting for tomorrow? So after my 6:00pm meeting tonight I am off to make snickerdoodles for the staff meeting and prepare some games. But that is okay...because if it weren't for these busy weeks, I wouldn't enjoy my slow times nearly as much. I wouldn't appreciate the extra 15 minutes I can sleep in on some mornings. I wouldn't look forward to those days when I can go shopping, watch a good movie, paint, scrapbook, cook, etc.

So here is to busy weeks and snickerdoodles!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Love...

Yesterday was Valentine's day and it was a great day! It is a day about love and love is definitely something to celebrate!

I love God
I love life
I love mom and dad
I love my sis
I love my brother-in-law
I love my neice
I love the rest of my family :)
I love my friends
I love my bible study group
I love my two cats..though they get in quite a bit of trouble together :)
I love summer, fall, spring, and winter
I love my job
I love my church family
I love my oh so soft pillow
I love the sunny days and the rain storms
I love coffee houses and good food
I love art, photography, music
I love good conversations and laughing for no good reason
I love facing a new day
I love God
I love...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

He Provides

One of my amazing friends recently posted a message on her blog entitled "He Provides". What a truly uplifting statement! I know I am comforted everyday with the love He provides. I am blessed everyday with the love and support of family. I am humbled everyday with the amazing friends who touch my life. I am thankful everyday for the simple ways God blesses my life. Thank you God for your promise, your love, and the hope you provide the world.

God blesses us everyday! It is up to us to notice! When is the last time you noticed?