Monday, June 30, 2008

Postmarked: United States, June 30, 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

I made it home safely! I had an amazing time and will fill you in on more details and pictures over the spand of a few posts as to not overwhelm you. I am in the process of downloading the pictures, reflecting on my time there and what to share, and just getting used to the time change. Of course, it is difficult to capture the trip in just words and pictures, but I will do my best. Thanks for your many prayers as I felt God's strength and comforting hand throughout. Oh, there is so much to share...

love ya lots,

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Sigh

So I am leaving soon and my heart is a bit heavy at the moment as it always is right before I depart. You know how you can be so very excited, anxious, and nervous all at the same time? The feelings weigh on me, but I turn to God for strength and for words, as I will be doing multiple presentations. I must remember all things are possible through Him. And I sigh, taking in every moment of peace He provides.

I will not have access to internet for a while, and just ask that you pray for safe travels, for strength and wisdom, and for many to be reached. As you pray for me, I will be praying for you! And I will still feel that connection with you, though distance will separate us.

Expect many pictures and stories when I return...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday, June 02, 2008

Simply AMAZING...

Yeah, that is a perfect description for my weekend!

A M A Z I N G!

First, I got to see some great friends of mine get married. Okay, so due to Jess and Amos having to find childcare and a long drive to Michigan, we only made it to the reception. But it was AMAZING to celebrate with the happy couple and it was great to catch up with another college friend, Ritchie. I have known Scott since college. He has been such a wonderful friend over the past 11 years. Wow! Yes, 11 years! Sarah, his wife, is incredible and just makes you feel as if you have been friends for just as long. I love how happy they are and the love that they share. And am blessed to call them friends!


Then Sunday, Jamie and Travis threw an AMAZING Race party! It was completely well thought out and organized. We were immediately divided into teams (red, blue, and orange). And then competed in our first quick challenge to decide race order. My team, the red team, won and decided to go first. This decision might have hindered us slightly, but we were glad to experience everything first.

Our first clue takes us to Nappanee where we must make chocolate chip cookies without using a box mix...I know, crazy huh? Who can remember how to make basic cookies without a box mix? So we called Danny's mom to have her read us a recipe. We kind of baked them just enough to be able to put them on a plate and take off to our next task.

This took us to Wakarusa where we had to drive a lawnmower around an obstacle course. The men drove blindfolded as the women directed. Too fun!

We then headed to Goshen airport for our third task. Of course when we got there, a call had to be made to find out what our task was. But soon we were directed into a room to take a test. Okay, so we guessed on most of them. There were 10 questions covering information on lear jets, altitude, runway length, and pilot information. It was quite the test. But we finally got all of them correct and then jetted off to our 4th destination.

There we had to set up a tent and take it down as fast as possible, but correctly of course. It was quite easy for us as we had three avid campers on my team. Danny did a good job of helping as well :).

We finally ended back at the lake and here is where the red team pretty much lost it. After some confusion about where to find the code for a locked shed, we finally realized we had to swim out to the buoy to get the code. Then we read the wrong three numbers and had to go back out. It definitely cost us the race, but we definitely had an AMAZING time!

Since I know you read this blog Jamie, I am sending you and Travis a huge thanks for organizing such a wonderful party!!! It couldn't have gone any better!...very creative!

So there it AMAZING weekend...and I hope yours was just a great!