Friday, September 05, 2008

Sounds of the Evening...

What does an elephant say?

I think Matt answered it quite nicely!
(forgive the "trial version", as it is the only software I have to edit videos)

This was a great initiation for Matt into the role of dad. He always made this sound for Grace, albeit, we always had her go and ask him this question as it always made us laugh. If I would of thought of it, Alicia could have been initiated into her role as mom by trying to explain to Grace what a wrap is. It took the entire trip to Buffalo Wild Wings to try to do that, and I ended up just telling her it was a sandwich!

But in reality, no initiation is needed for these two as they already are filled with the love of parents. Jess, Victoria, and Jessica did a wonderful job organizing a celebration for these wonderful friends of ours. Friends from all over northern Indiana came together to celebrate this growing family. And what baby shower is complete without dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings first? Yes, we decided to skip the fancy foods and punch and just enjoy some nice wings, or wraps, or chips, or whatever we were in the mood for. It was delicious.

Of course we did have some fabulous games and cake at Jamie and Victoria's who provided us a great location to share our excitement. You know it is a great evening when it is filled with laughter, and the occasional sound of an elephant!

I send a huge congrats to Matt and Alicia!
I know the journey has not been easy
As we celebrated I couldn't help but recall the following scripture verse...

~Micah 7:7
But as for me, I watch in HOPE for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me

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Jess said...

jenn...this post is awesome!!! and we can't forget to mention that awesome jeopardy board you created :) thank you, i was a loss on how to get that started :)...and your footprint idea! it was a fabulous night!!!! it all came together and it was just awesome to experience the excitement that filled the room for those two amazing people...matt and alicia! Love ya!