Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Well, my wonderful sister reminded me that it is time for another entry. Today seemed like a good time to do just that. Thanks sis!

About an hour ago, I needed a break from working on proposals for a few minutes and decided to look at some pictures. Luckily, being so high tech and all, 90% of my pictures are digital and are all organized on a photo website. So I perused my different albums, looking at pictures of friends, of past events and of family. While doing this I remembered how I felt during those times, how friendships have grown or changed, and just how amazing it is that we can capture certain emotions and times in our lives in a picture.

Sometimes I can get caught up in looking forward so much that I forget about the past, the moments and people in life who have helped shape who I am today. Remembering those times and people is so very important. I find myself laughing out loud at those great candid photos or noticing the many characteristics of a person in the portrait photos.

It makes me wonder what I will think of or remember when, in the future, I look back on the photos during this stage of my life....joy, change, loss, reflection, happiness, growth, hope, faith, love.... I guess I will just have to wait and see....

Monday, March 13, 2006


Ever have those moments where you just think and feel..."I'm satisfied"? Some how satisfied has turned into a word that means so-so, just okay. But to me satisfied means filled, at peace, loved. And lately, I have had many satisfied moments, times where I look at my life and who I am and am satisfied.

Being satisfied is a great feeling, a feeling of knowing that you have more than you ever need and that you are blessed. I am so thankful for these moments. These moments encourage me to keep trusting and having Faith...to be thankful for every second, minute, hour, and day.

These moments remind me to be open to God and his plans so that I can be led...so that I can say to God, "It is all yours...It is all for you".